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H PThe best WP GPL downloads site

The best WordPress GPL plugins site. Nothing beats it. A++

Mark Sayer

I was surprised at how fast the plugins are updated! Support requests are answered in hours not days.

Ludovic CLAINClient care is Wonderful!

Awesome and useful website for GPL plugins, client care is wonderful too!

MCDCClean plugins and themes

GPLDownloads is one of my two favorite GPL resources. They have a great selection with frequent new additions, updates and prompt responses to service requests. The site also has a nice user experience. Any way you slice it, the price is a bargain for quality, clean plugins and themes. Two thumbs up recommendation!

ukauto moussaGood

I LIKE HOW Stuart deals with customers and at the end can make a difference between good users and people with bad intention abusing such a good service

Daniel Kamman

I'm using GPLDownloads to test plugins for possible use on websites for clients and for my own website. In the past I purchased at least 10 plugins from their authors -- some of the plugins met my needs, others didn't (this wasted a lot of time). And I've spent a lot of time going through vendor websites, especially codecanyon. I like GPLDownload's selections -- they seem to concentrate on high-quality plugins. About 2 weeks ago I found a codecanyon plugin here that I never knew existed, despite searching on the codecanyon website. This plugin met a need for updating a long-time-client's website. A few days ago I bought the plugin on codecanyon and am setting it up on the client's website. I'm happy -- and my client will be happy.

GosmartThis has been a Godsend for me!

This has been a Godsend for me! I was able to save hundreds, no not hundreds, THOUSANDS dollars and hundreds of hours by not having to look for a workaround. Instead i am able to actually afford the exact plugin I need and install it without worrying about a virus!.. Thanks GPLDownloads!!!

Jessica SchulterBest GPL Club Online

I've used a few different GPL clubs and GPL Downloads has always given me positive results, the owner has been very helpful anytime I've needed help bypassing a license check and I've always had clean downloads and a great selection. I will continue to use GPL Downloads for all of my themes and plug-ins.

Alan ThomasAt a fraction of the cost!

Thanks for providing such a place to download all I need for my website projects at a fraction of the cost!

Srinivas RMost of the popular themes and plugins are available here!

One of the best sites and very responsive support. I have been on another similar site as a premium member, however this beats them left right center. Updates are fast and most importantly most of the popular themes and plugins are available here before you actually make a purchase. Thanks guys You Rock Stuart!

Clark Hodge

"I've been a GPLDownloads.com subscriber for 6 months now. Love the service. Site is easy to navigate. The collection is rich. (Lots of interesting and useful GPL code is there. The code is current and well maintained. It's always up. For the first time, I had a question today and it was answered very quickly. I highly recommend them!"

Cheers, and if there's anything else... do yell.

May you always - Chase the Music!

Mitchell M.

Instant access, unique finds, and all working without so much as a hiccup. Great service here! Don't miss out!

MattClean and Transparent

GPL Downloads is THE best place to get GPL plugins and themes, period. Great support for any kind of questions, always updated catalogue and a single price for more than 2000 items, just amazing, clean and transparent. Thanks!

Christopher SmithQuick Response and Great Customer Services

I can rely on GPL Downloads for regularly updated plugins and themes, quick response and great customer services, won’t make a mistake in choosing GPL Downloads. Trust me!!

Ganesh BSo lucky to find gpldownloads.com

I have no bad words to say about gpldownloads.com...I personally feel so lucky to find gpldownloads.com and About admin Stuart..seriously he is the genuine heart person..resolved my all queries..support is awesome and he helped a lot in many situations... He concerns about the quality of service, not about money...I can believe him blindly ...His hard work and sincerity to help members...you can't expect the same from other sites...About new license service, I'm the lucky one to get service in the trial ...He deserves more for his hard work and effort to make this site and services. Thank you, Stuart.

WP SlayerThis is an amazing site.

I've been a member of this site since at least 2017. I've seen it go through an evolutionary process and every time changes are made it just gets better.

There are rules here. They are enforced as they should be. I like that.

Vaibhav Lowalekar

It was a great experience with GPL downloads. Unfortunately I could not continue due to current situation. Best Wishes.

Antony HHighly recommended!

GPL Downloads has become an essential part of my WordPress toolbox. The range of plugins available for such a low price really is unbeatable and I’m so pleased that I found this site. Everything I’ve downloaded has worked great without any issues. Also, the site admins are really responsive and helpful whenever I’ve had a question. Highly recommended!

Marc CarterSTOP! You've just found the best GPL site.

I stumbled upon GPL Downloads in early 2019 when I was looking for some very specific tools to help me build a WordPress site for a non-profit organisation I wanted to launch. I had read about GPL at length and understood that I really didn't have to pay thousands just to get my site working as I needed, as long as I was ok forgoing the automatic updates and the support from the developers.

It seemed like a perfect trade-off to me. I simply couldn't afford to pay the prices some developers were asking, and most of the tools were really fairly basic. Through GPL Downloads I could get my project working as I needed, and I had access to a vast range of plugins as and when I needed them.

There are a couple of other GPL sites I had registered with, but both were clunky and rarely updated, with both plugin updates and the site itself. GPL Downloads seems to constantly evolve - I don't know if the owner gets bored quickly or if he's always trying to find that perfect design, but either way, it's really good to see that things aren't just left for months or years. I don't think I have seen a day without updates, whenever I log in there are fresh updates and new additions from the last few days, and it's a great way to find new tools to try and improve my project.

Feel free to go elsewhere, but the reality is you really do get what you pay for.

JamesAlways has the latest version

Great site and helpful support. Always has the latest version.

TrongSuper fast at responding!

Customer since years!

I spent hundreds of Euros before, since I started with WordPress, only to find out the right Themes and Plugins for my Business.
Now it cost me only 15$ a month to test all of them, find the right ones, and then purchase it regularly.

Kushti, the owner is super fast at responding, if there is a problem.



Andrew BNo better site!

GPL downloads great support, the best site for plugins and themes, there is no better site to use and I've tried them all!

darren dsuper service and support!

the rapid and personal support from Stuart has made this a super-useful membership to have

OhByte MeALWAYS updated to the latest version!

It takes a hell of a lot of time, effort and organization to run a site that a major fan favorite like GPLD! Not only does this board offer everything I need (ALWAYS updated to the latest version) it's also the bargain of the century, too! For those of us who are running micro-businesses, it's really the only way we can afford to build fully-featured, client satisfied sites! So, here's sending major kudos and appreciation to ALL who run this sexy beast of a site!

AlanaAmazing all-inclusive price!

So often you have to try 15 plugins to find the right one, and it’s hard when you have to pay to trial each one. So this is superb – I just download a load and see what’s best for an amazing all-inclusive price!

yogesh kumawat

bahut badiya (very nice)

NatassaBig variety of themes and modules

Best value for money purchase. Big variety of themes and modules, great support!

Alejandro GonzalezGood quality plugins

It repository has allowed us to provide good quality plugins for our clients, in a country where investing in a website is expensive it aloud us to keep a good margin and still provide a good service.

Darren Kent

I actually spent a considerable amount of time researching the best WordPress plugin download membership site, and it turns out that GPL Downloads was is the best in terms of available downloads that I needed. Other sites lack many of the popular plugins; so this site gets a thumbs up from me. Additionally, I think the new site design is awesome. Very professional.

Geraldino Ferreira de MeloFully Satisfied!

Estou plenamente satisfeito com gpl downloads, muito bom. ótimo atendimento – “I am fully satisfied with GPL, very good downloads. great service”.

PamUntouched from the original sources!

GPLDownloads are great. They keep everything current and if you notice an update before them, their system for submission to let them know takes just a second. You will get a reminder that it has been updated usually within 24 hours, if not the same day most the time. I virus check everything I download, and I’ve never had an infected download from GPLDownloads. These are not nulled programs, so you don’t have to worry as they are downloaded, as is, untouched from the original sources. GPLDownloads allows me to test WordPress Themes and Plugins to see if they are right fit for our needs or our customers, allowing for less waste. Before GPLDownloads, I could spend hundreds of dollars on themes or plugins and then find they are not right for our projects. Once you decide the software is what you need, then you go buy it from the original source. Thanks GPLDownloads.

tanveer Ahmed

Am very happy with gpldownloads

AnonymousLove This Site!

I can always find the best apps and when I have a question and contact support they always get back to me within a couple of hours.

MatQVAmazing support, amazing service!

GPL Downloads is by far the best place to be. Amazing support, amazing service, and an enormous library of plugins and templates for you to choose. I thank a lot all the people behind GPL Downloads ? you rock.


great service

Candra AdityaFast Updates!

Great choice of themes and plugins. Fast updates and lots of new products on a daily basis. WOW!

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