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The better partner

GPL downloads it’s the better plugins and themes provider. Al files are safe and the support to new versions are always up to date. I’m working with them for more than a year and I’m glad for the service. 100% recomendeed.


Best GPL Network everywhere with excellent support!

These guys are on the ball. Everything I wanted to test and always at the latest version, and always working. I tried other GPL networks and seem to always come back to GPL Downloads. There support it top rated and if by chance, I find a theme or plugin one version out, they update it immediately. Great work guys, keep up the good work. You deserve 6 stars in my book.

Andrew B

No better site!

GPL downloads great support, the best site for plugins and themes, there is no better site to use and I’ve tried them all!

WP Slayer

This is an amazing site.

I’ve been a member of this site since at least 2017. I’ve seen it go through an evolutionary process and every time changes are made it just gets better.

There are rules here. They are enforced as they should be. I like that.

Mitchell M.

Great service here! Don’t miss out!

Instant access, unique finds, and all working without so much as a hiccup.

Ludovic CLAIN

client care is wonderful too!

Awesome and useful website for GPL plugins, client care is wonderful too!

Srinivas R

Most of the popular themes and plugins are available here!

One of the best sites and very responsive support. I have been on another similar site as a premium member, however, this beats them left right & center. Updates are fast and most importantly most of the popular themes and plugins are available here before you actually make a purchase. Thanks guys You Rock Stuart!

Mark Sayer

I was surprised at how fast the plugins are updated! Support requests are answered in hours not days.

Darren Kent

Thumbs up from me

I actually spent a considerable amount of time researching the best WordPress plugin download membership site, and it turns out that GPL Downloads was is the best in terms of available downloads that I needed. Other sites lack many of the popular plugins; so this site gets a thumbs up from me. Additionally, I think the new site design is awesome. Very professional.