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Your Notices

Is Your Emails Bouncing
Replies sent to these domains are failing and bouncing back.
  • @yahoo.com
  • upcmail.nl
  • foransic.com
  • tutanota.com
If you own one of these domains and are expecting a reply from me then its not going to happen until you change your email address to one that’s working or check your email settings and spam hardness.
re @yahoo – it appears they may have blocked my domain. Consider a Gmail email address!


File Downloads

Dear members,

Also, as of Tuesday, Oct 13th, I have started uploading all new updates onto Amazon S3 cloud storage. I have noticed at least a 3 second less delay when clicking the download button…I hope you notice this as well. Remember, this is only happening with every new update added, so it may take a while to load everything onto S3!

Re Contact

As I have mentioned before, I answer every email. What niggles me is those that email me, and when I reply, it bounces back for whatever reason, so I would suggest either you whitelist [email protected] or raise support tickets to ask me things. I prefer the ticket system as they don’t get missed, and you get a reply back in the system.

So if you have emailed me and not received a reply, I suggest using the Ticket system ?



Discontinued (New List)

Sadly I have discontinued these genres or single items.

Often, items are discontinued because they are no longer available, or the cost outweighs subscription renewal as the download yield is so low. I have to balance the download to being finically viable for the site.

Paid Memberships Pro


Download Managers

Just a reminder to all users that our system can detect download managers, accounts will automatically be locked if the script detects malicious download activity in your account. Please do not use a download manager, as you run the risk of your account being withdrawn without notice.

Trustpilot logoTrust is key. I want to take this site above and beyond, and my goal is to be one of the best GPL providers on the web. But, I could do with your help!

First, I want to thank everyone that has submitted a site testimonial in the past. I am now looking to establish this site’s name on Trustpilot.

I would be honoured if you can help in this phase of our growth. I want to add more and more quality content. However, that takes a lot of investment; I would like newcomers to know GPL Downloads can be trusted and subscribe with complete confidence and that we are what we say we are. There is nothing better than feedback from the people that use it. So if you can, take a few minutes in your day to help me reach out to others; it would be awesome!

Before you post a review, if you have a problem with any area of our website or the way we operate, please contact us to discuss so we can address any issue you have. We are happy to help anyone with a genuine problem/gripe and what is within our abilities to solve.

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Subscription Payment Failure

Please note that if a subscription payment fails dues to insufficient funds in the users’ account or for any other reason, our system will try and retake the funds several times over a few days. If this continues to be unsuccessful, it will stop, and your account will remain in a Failed Payment Status, and obviously, download rights will cease on the first failed attempt.

If requested via a Ticket, I can try and reactivate the payment from the Failed Payment Status.

Please note that I will also formally cancel the subscription from the Failed State after about 5 days.

report it

Please note:

If there is any information required for installation such as license details or other information which will be helpful, it can be found here.

Activation Info

HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONHover your mouse over the “MY ACCOUNT” text in the menu barSelect “MY SUBSCRIPTIONS” from the dropdown list of links.

cancel subscription Link

Once that page opens select the “CANCEL” link and cancel your subscription.

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