How to Activate Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin


How to Activate Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin

We try and provide the simplest way for nulling products. Remember that with new product updates the nulling code may also change. Please let us know if this null does not work so we can look to update the information. Also, line numbers may be different from your editor. We can also help you null on request but please try yourself first.

To null the latest version, edit the file wordpressseo-premium/inc/class-addon-manager.php and find the function has_valid_subscription which starts around line 245. –  It looks like this: public function has_valid_subscription( $slug ) { Add this to the start of the function code:

return true;

Being activated or having a valid subscription doesn’t activate any extra features, it just stops the adverts and nagging for buying a premium license. Save the file, rezip, upload/install…that’s it…enjoy.

NB: If you add any other of the other Yoast extensions after nulling this file then you do not have to null those.

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