How to Activate Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper


How to Activate Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper

Please follow the steps below to activate Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper.

Step 1: 

First you need to go to theme setting and click the activation link, next you will see form for auto-activation. Scroll to bottom page and find a small link “Manual activation theme”. Click and you will see 3 forms:

  1. Your server ID.
  2. Envato purchase code.
  3. Activation code.

Step 2: 

Here is the keygen PHP code. Just fill your server ID, upload to your root server and run file. You got the activation code. like

$s_id = "e1202170817c55304e0c689117e65e02"; // add here your server id
$e_id = "22f1d2c2-11b1-2222-a1cc-222cbfa1b11e"; // envato fake purchase code, can be like this format
$t_id = md5($s_id . $e_id);
echo $t_id;

Newsmag theme has been activated!

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