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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download my plugins/themes?

Please  to download, and you can manage your account there too. If you have purchased items singularly, you can find any updates in your account. Click the Purchase History Tab above – Then, Click – View Details and Downloads. You should have a download link on that page.

If you have purchased a membership you can download via each product page by clicking the “Download Now” button. Make sure you are logged in first!

How often are your products updated?

Each time a new version is released, we update with the new version, and we update them on request if required should we miss an update.  Just click the Request Update link on the products page. We update files 365 days per year!

What kind of support do you provide?

Limited support is provided via email. Questions are generally answered within 24 hours (We do sleep as well!). Regretfully we cannot provide support for plugins & themes beyond basic questions as we do not offer support of this kind due to the nature of this site. If you need in-depth support we would suggest that you buy the item for the full retail price from the developer then request support from them.

I have seen that some plugins and themes require nulling. What does this mean?

Some developers add extra security to their products by means of a key/serial or API connection to their server. In most cases, we can find solutions to this and provide information where possible. You will find a link on each product the states “Usability”. This will tell you if nulling is required or if we are unable to bypass the security. Please refer to this guide for nulling information.

Can I get a refund?

We generally do not offer refunds, as there is no way to return a digital product. Unfortunately, it is one of the few tools we have to combat internet fraud. If you are experiencing any difficulty with a plugin or theme, we are more than happy to provide limited support and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can’t be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact us with an explanation of your situation.

Can I re-distribute products from this site?

No this is prohibited. We regularly review who is downloading what. Please do not abuse our trust. If discovered we will terminate your account without warning.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time to any other of our packages you want. You’ll only need to pay the difference between your current package and the one you want. For more details contact us directly.

How do I update my theme or plugin?

Please refer to this guide for assistance.

Can I become an Affiliate?

Yes, we welcome your help and have a generous credit system. Becoming a part of our affiliate network is an excellent strategy allowing you to earn credit for every new sale you bring to us. Then use that credit for free access. See details here.

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