Comprehensive and Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General Questions

What is GPL Downloads?

Our company specializes in the sale of the software needed to develop websites with CMS WordPress. Our goal is to provide any user with an opportunity to get premium products at an affordable price. All products you can use on an unlimited number of websites (domains).

We launched the project in 2016 and now GPL DOWNLOADS is one of the most popular websites that provide the best digital products for website design on the market. Currently, the collection of 4,380 products from world-famous developers! Join and be a part of it!

Why buy from us? How does GPL DOWNLOADS differ from free sites?

You get official products from developers, but our membership prices are much lower. All files do not contain ads, viruses or malicious code. We provide free technical support and assistance in installing products. We have regular updates and direct download links. You will always find something that is not freely available!

You can see all the advantages on the Why choose us page.

Why do products cost less than developers?

We do not provide license keys for the products you downloaded. We are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change the functionality of products and do not fix developer bugs.

Where can I read the terms and conditions?

You can read the website terms and conditions on this page: Terms and Conditions.

Where can I see customer testimonials?

You can read our customers’ feedback here...

What to do if the product you need is not on the website?

If using the search on the website, you could not find the product you need, then we do not have this product. All available themes and plugins are already available on the website.

Unfortunately, we do not accept requests. We regularly buy new themes and plugins, usually bestsellers and trend products, but we can’t buy absolutely everything that is on the market. You can suggest/recommend one or another product to us in our forum, but we can’t promise that we will buy and add it in the future!

What if you found a mistake on the website?

If you find a mistake on the website, please let us know about it via the contact/feedback form or by contacting the customer support service by creating a ticket. If the error is significant, we will certainly thank you!

Can you recommend a theme for my website

Unfortunately, we are not professionals in web design and the number of available WordPress themes on our website is more than 1000, therefore we can not recommend the use of this or that product. However, we have a great search system on the website. On each page of the product you are interested in, there is a link to the developer’s website (Market). You can learn more about the product, look at the features, demo pages, reviews on the developer’s website and make a purchase decision.

Can I request new products?

Yes, you can do this via the Request page, in your Dashboard. However, the fulfilment of the product depends solely on the discretion of GPL Downloads and other factors like the product's license (GPL or non-GPL – we will not entertain any non-GPL product requests), the price of the product, usage of the product on one license, etc. We only purchase items that we think are or will be popular and a benefit to a large number of members. We will NOT purchase niche items.

Can I use a Download Manger on this site?

Download managers are forbidden on this site. Any users found to be using a Download Manager will have their account revoked, and no refund shall be offered. Likewise, if a user is found to be logged in with multiple IP Addresses, the account will be revoked and no refund given.

What should I do if I have read the FAQ completely and have not found an answer to my question?

If you have any questions after completing read the FAQ please create a request to our support service using the ticketing system on the website or use our contact form.

2. Payment & Download

Will the price I pay at checkout continue recurring?

Yes, what you pay the first time around will recur each month. So, for example, if you brought at the normal or special offer price, then that price will be locked in until you cancel or if your payment fails at renewal.

How to download a theme or a plugin?

In order to download the required product, you need to purchase a membership.

After registering and purchasing a membership, you need to go to the product page and click the Download button, the product will start downloading soon after.

What payment methods are available?

We provide the opportunity to pay through Stripe (any bank cards with 3d secure in any countries Please note we accept only secure online payments (All payment gateways use PCI DSS certificate).

Is it possible to make a payment directly to the PayPal account?

We accept only automatic payments through Stripe and we do not process payments manually and we do not accept PayPal.

How long do I have to wait after payment to be able to download?

As soon as your payment has processed you will have access to downloads. Make sure you have enough funds in your account and provide the correct and full billing information at checkout otherwise your payment will fail.

What if the link leads to another product or does not work?

Errors on the website we fix immediately upon request to the support team.

If you have difficulty downloading the product, please create a request to our support service using the ticketing system on the website, we will provide you with a solution.

Can I download previously purchased products?

Yes as long as you maintain an active membership. If it has expired you no longer have download access.

Please note that we do not store all versions of digital products. In the case you have lost a copy of the product, alternative download links may only be provided by us if we have the possibility and at our discretion.

Can I get a refund?

You can see our refund policy page.

Can I resell the items downloaded here?

You're NOT allowed to resell the items downloaded here on your or other websites. Your account and download ability will be suspended if we discover that you are sharing the items here. And you are not refunded either.

Are there any restrictions on the number of downloads?

Yes, but you can download what you need within your daily allowance. Please do not take advantage of this - Stashing is not allowed, download only what you use. We monitor who downloads what and will know if you are abusing our trust. Please note that if your account activity is deemed as a leecher, then your account will be suspended and deleted WITHOUT warning.

Are there download limits?

Yes, your subscription dictates your download allowance. We advise you only download what you need at the time. Do not stash files for the sake of it. We can tell from viewing the daily download logs when a user is stealing our files and will take action and revoke a suspicious account. Download Managers are forbidden.

3. Updating Products

How often are new product updates released?

We will update the products every day of the year. Please note we can't always update products on request immediately but will try.

Where can I see the list of the latest updates?

A list of the latest updates can be found on the following page: Recent Updates

What if the product version on the website is not the latest?

If you did not find the latest version of the product on our website, you can send a request through the REPORT IT form on the product page. Please use this method as it provides us with a direct link to the product in question without any confusion. We will update the item ASAP. Please do not send another duplicate request for at least 48 hours.

Can I download the update of the purchased product for free?

Indeed you can as long as you have an active membership.

Will the purchased product be updated automatically?

No, it will not. We do not provide the license keys required to automatically update products through the WordPress admin panel. If you need to update the product, you must download it from the website with points and perform the update manually. If you want to receive automatic updates you must purchase the product directly from the developer.

Why isn’t the latest product version on your website?

We update themes and plugins every day. If the product version on the website is not the latest, we will most likely update it in the next updates. We also rely on members to make update requests as we can't possibly monitor all 5,082  items constantly.

However, sometimes we lose access to accounts with purchased products or our subscription on the developer site ends and we do not plan to renew it.

In this case, the site may not have the latest product version. For maximum compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, we recommend that you purchase recently updated products, a list of which can be found on the recent updates page.

4. Installation and Using

Hosting requirements for installation and use of products

Before you install a product on the website, make sure that your hosting meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Web server based on Apache or NGINX with 512MB of RAM - OpenLiteapeed is a great choice too!
  • PHP version 7.4 (is standard)
  • MySQL version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.1+
  • Apache module mod_rewrite

To avoid getting errors during the installation of the product, make sure that you are using the correct PHP settings on your web server:

max_execution_time = 600
max_input_vars = 5000
memory_limit = 512M
post_max_size = 512M
upload_max_filesize = 512M
In the downloaded archive with theme there is no documentation, demo data, plugins or PSD

Some of the WordPress themes we update through the Envato API, therefore we provide only installation archives without documentation, plugins, demo data, PSD. However, some of these themes contain a menu for installing plugins and demo data in the theme settings. 

When installing the theme, an error occurs: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing style.css stylesheet

A typical error that occurs when a user attempts to download in WordPress a non-installation theme file, but a complete archive of the theme (with documentation, plugins, demo data, etc.).

To avoid this error you must unpack the archive with a premium theme, find the installation .zip file inside the archive and use it for installation in WordPress.

When installing the product, an error occurs: Are you sure you want to do this or The link you followed has expired?

A typical error that occurs if the server has the wrong PHP settings (see Hosting requirements for installation and use of products - which is a couple of faqs before this one.) 

When installing and using the product, there are PHP errors or a white screen

Such errors occur frequently if your server does not meet the recommended requirements for the PHP version installed on the server (see Hosting requirements for installation and use of products (above)). We recommend using PHP version 7.0 or 7.2.

If you selected the correct version of PHP, but the error still occurs, there may be an incompatibility with the currently installed plugins or the incompatibility of the theme with the installed version of WordPress.

How to properly update an already installed product?

The most simple and correct way to update the product is to replace the files of the old version of the product with the new version files. All product settings are saved, as they are stored in the database of the website.

The second way is to delete the old version of the product, then download and activate the new version. In this case, the product settings may not be preserved, as in many products when they are removed there is a function to clear settings from the website database.

Here it is worth noting an important nuance – sometimes developers are releasing a fundamentally new product update with a change in the structure of files, the structure of storing settings in the database, etc. In this case, the product is accompanied by instructions from the developer to switch to a new version, update to the current version correctly.

What to do if there are problems with the demo data installation?

When installing the demo data, problems may occur in the following cases:

  • All required plugins that come with the theme are not installed
  • Not configured PHP on the server, be sure to increase max_execution_time, memory_limit and max_input_vars. (see the faq for Hosting requirements for installing and using the products)
  • The version of PHP on the server is not compatible with the theme, you can try changing the version to 7.0 or 7.2
  • There is a conflict of installed plugins and themes, you can try to disable unnecessary plugins before importing demo data
  • There are other JavaScript errors, you need to open the F12 developer console and see the text of the error
  • The import script is incompatible with the browser, use Firefox instead of Chrome or vice versa
  • Adguard advertising blocker can block execution of JS scripts, AdGuard should be temporarily disabled
  • Browser addons can interrupt JS scripts, you need to disable browser add-ons and try again.
  • Firewall blocks the execution of scripts on the page, temporarily disable the antivirus, especially if you work on a local server
  • Disabled XML/XML Reader extension in PHP settings
I have installed demo data on the theme, but it is different from the demo data presented on the developer’s website. For example, there are no images or the location of blocks of content is different

Please note that the demo data in the themes and plugins are intended only for demonstration of the product features.

Developers do not always timely update the demo data together with the product update. Along with some demo data, images are not provided because the developer does not have an extended license to use them. The result you get after importing the demo data may not match the developer’s demo site. We will not be able to provide you with images or any other materials if they have been intentionally removed by the author of the theme or the plugin from the demo data.

Therefore, neither we nor the developer of the product can guarantee that your site will be fully matched with the developer’s demo site.

An item I downloaded is asking for a registration code. What to do?

Ignore it. Developers include these so that the plugin or theme can update automatically or so that you can register for support. The item itself will work perfectly fine without anything being entered into the box. We would recommend updating your theme/plugins manually when updates become available on our site.

How can I hide license reminders or usage keys?

Consider hiding the license activation reminders through a plugin like “Disable admin notices.“ This plugin is free and very popular in the WordPress community. Make sure to check the official documentation for more information!

5. Safety and Guarantees

Are the products on the website original?

All products offered on the website have been officially purchased and downloaded directly from the developers. We do not sell any products downloaded from *third-party resources.

We prepare all nulled versions (versions activated with the license keys) ourselves, and no files pass through “*third hands”.

*Accept our trusted affiliated sites that we work hand in hand with.

What does ACTIVATED or NULLED mean in the product title?

ACTIVATED or NULLED mean “Already activated with license key”. The original versions of some products do not work without activating the license key. In order for the product to work fully without activation, it is necessary to make minor changes to the part of the PHP/js code to bypass the license protection. The product in which such changes are made is called ACTIVATED or NULLED.

Our specialists regularly prepare NULLED-versions of products, so that you can use them on an unlimited number of websites.

What are the guarantees that the products on the website do not contain malicious code, viruses or advertisements?

All products offered on the website have been officially purchased and downloaded directly from the developers. We do not sell any products downloaded from *third-party resources.

We prepare all nulled versions (versions activated with the license keys) ourselves, and no files pass through “*third hands”.

We provide open-source software. You can check by yourself any product downloaded from our website and make sure that our files are downloaded directly from the developers and do not contain malicious code, viruses or ads.

To check the product for malicious code, for example, use the plugins Exploit ScannerWordfenceAcunetix WP SecuritySucuri SecurityAntivirus, the service VirusTotal or the scanner Aibolit.

*Accept our trusted affiliated sites that we work hand in hand with.

Why do you work with affiliated sites?

We want to bring our members the latest and best plugins and themes. And I am sure you understand this can be very costly. Though we try and purchase every item ourselves it's impossible to do so.

We have a few selected and very trusted affiliates that we work hand in hand with and this helps us dramatically reduce costs for all parties 

An example of trade between affiliates is; one of us would purchase Package A and another Package B then share these accordingly thus saving loads of $$$.

In the downloaded archive VirusTotal service detected a virus

First of all, GPL DOWNLOADS is a commercial project and you can be 100% sure that you download only clean and safe files here. Secondly, you should understand that viruses and malicious code are completely different things. Virustotal is a tool for checking files for viruses, and you cannot use it to detect malicious code in PHP/JS, such as backlinks, web shells, or backdoors.

Today’s malicious code can be no different from ordinary code and it is often impossible to detect it with automated tools. However, we recommend using specialized tools such as VirusDie or Imunify to locate malicious code in files if you encounter such a need.

Information about Virustotal false positives

In the list of antiviruses VirusTotal there are Chinese antivirus solutions, such as Bkav, Jiangmin, Rising, Cyren. Such antiviruses often check the code simply for the presence of function eval, base64_encode/decode, etc. Although the presence of such constructions in the PHP code does not at all mean that the code is malicious, and many developers use these functions for their own purposes (packing/unpacking data, custom fonts in CSS and others). For this reason, Chinese antiviruses often detect absolutely clean files downloaded directly from developers. This is called false positives.

Will the downloaded product work exactly the way you want?

Please carefully read the description and features of the product before downloading it. We do not give any guarantees that the product you downloaded will function the way you want. We do not change the functionality of the products in any way, if you need details about the work or compatibility of the product, please contact the developer directly.

Aren't you also reselling the items downloaded somewhere else?

No, we download the items directly from the developers or from our trusted affiliated providers who agree to share the items with us. We do not provide products from the nulled community e.g WpLocker or anything similar.

The way we conduct business allows us to provide the best GPL service to you at a much-reduced price compared to direct buying or from other fake & unsafe GPL sites.

6. Account

How do I login to my account page?

You can go to your account page by clicking on the link: LOGIN in the menu bar.

How do I manage my account?

You can manage your account by first logging in then by mouse over the MY ACCOUNT link in the menu bar. Here you will see lots of links leading to various account functions.

Can I update/chamge my email address?

Please raise a support ticket detailing your new email address and we will make the change for you.

Members are advised to keep their email address up to date.

How to recover the password?

If you forgot your password, you can restore it on the password reset page: Reset Password.

7. Support

Do you provide technical support?

We provide free technical support through the tickets system on the website, NOT by email! For example, help with installing digital products.

We are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change product functionality and do not fix developer bugs.

How do I send a support request? What are tickets?

Ticket is a new request for support on the website. To send a request to the support service, you need to create a new ticket using the menu Support – Submit ticket. There is a link in your MY ACCOUNT menu dropdown.

What is the guaranteed response time for the support service?

As a rule, we respond to requests within hours. However, the guaranteed response time of the support service is 1 day.

Is it possible to get support from the developer via GPL Downloads?

It is not possible to get support from the developer via GPL Downloads. If you need support from a developer, purchase the product directly.

8. License and DMCA

Where can I find the license key for the purchased product?

We do not provide licensing or trial/commercial keys when you purchase digital products required to automatically update these products. All products presented on the website fully work without entering license keys on an unlimited number of websites (domains).

The downloaded product displays an activation message

If the product you are downloaded constantly displays an activation message, please create a request to our support service using the ticketing system on the website, we will help hide this message.

The downloaded product does not work without entering a license key

If the product you downloaded does not work without entering a license key, please create a request to our support service using the ticketing system on the website. If the product does not really work without activation, if possible we will create and provide you with a NULLED version of the product.

Is it legal to use downloaded products without entering a license key?

Yes, it is legal. All digital products on the website are released under GNU General Public License.

How long can I use downloaded products?

You can use any downloaded product for unlimited time.

On how many websites can I use downloaded products on?

You can use any downloaded products on an unlimited number of websites (domains).