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Real-time protection

With Wordfence premium your Firewall rules and Scan malware signatures are updated in real-time, providing you with immediate protection against new threats and immediate detection of new malware and vulnerabilities.

Two-factor authentication

Wordfence premium enables two-factor authentication which adds another layer of security to your login page by requiring additional code. You can read more about two-factor authentication here.

Country blocking

Country blocking is a premium feature that allows you to restrict access to your login page or the whole site to specific countries. You can read more about Country Blocking here.

IP Blacklist

Wordfence users can choose to participate in the Wordfence Security Network. This allows us to track malicious behaviour of specific IP addresses on a large number of sites. When we notice that an IP address is behaving badly, it is automatically added to the Wordfence IP Blacklist. The Blacklist is a premium feature of Wordfence that completely blocks access to your site for those IP addresses.

* Note: Technical support not included. If you’d like to be supported, please purchase this from the orginal developer.

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Latest Changelog:

Wordfence PremiumVersion:  7.4.1

* Improvement: Updated the bundled GeoIP database.
* Improvement: Minor changes to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.4.
* Improvement: Updated the WHOIS lookup for better reliability.
* Improvement: Added better diagnostic data when the WAF MySQL storage engine is active.
* Improvement: Improved the messaging when switching between premium and free licenses.
* Change: Deprecated DNS changes scan.
* Change: The plugin will no longer email alerts when Central is managing them.
* Fix: Added error suppression to ignore_user_abort calls to silence it on hosts with it disabled.
* Fix: Improved path generation to better avoid outputting extra slashes in URLs.
* Fix: Applied a length limit to malware reporting to avoid failures due to large content size

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