WooCommerce Segment.io Integration ~ 1.10.0

woocomerce master

Version: 1.10.0

Updated: November 17, 2021

Product Details

Tracks WordPress and WooCommerce activity and sends data to Segment.com Track e-commerce events, site events, and more automatically. No coding is necessary. No changes to JavaScript / CSS or theme files. No touching PHP or HTML. Simply install the plugin, enter your Segment.com API code and you would be tracking everything instantly. WooCommerce Segment.com connector integrates with Segment.com – an analytics aggregation and relay service. Segment.com lets you send your analytics data to any service…

Official Version

The official version from the developers. Licensed under the GNU GPL for an unlimited number of sites.

Technical Support

Professional help in solving any technical problems. Support is included in the price.

Guarantees and Safety

100% working and safe product with full transparency. Completely risk-free. Read our Refund Policy.

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