WooCommerce Product Widgets for Elementor ~ 1.0.0

November 14, 2021

Product Overview


WooCommerce Product Widgets for Elementor is a pack of 9 incredible WordPress add-ons designed specifically to unleash the full potential of wooCommerce product building with Elementor. The Producer includes all the necessary add-ons for displaying various types of information in WooCommerce.

Use addons both on WooCommerce store pages and on any other page of the site. This means that we can add a unique product layout or only a part of the product (for example, an image and a price) wherever you need it. With this set of add-ons, you can give the product page on your site an absolutely incredible and unique look, and completely change the usual layout of the product of WoCommerce.

WooCommerce Product Widgets for Elementor

Version: 1.0.0

Published: November 14, 2021

Last Update: November 14, 2021