WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees ~ 3.2.5

September 9, 2022

Product Overview


Add fees to orders based on the payment method

The Payment Gateway Based Fees extension enables you to add a fee to an order, depending on the chosen payment gateway.

The fee can be automatically assessed on the price of certain products in the cart or the cart total, in addition to being changed on an order by the shop administrator at any time. A fee may also be applied manually, i.e., if the customer wants to switch payment methods after checkout is completed.

  • Enable/Disable additional fees for the entire website without removing data
  • Enable additional fees for a single gateway or a single product
  • Automatic calculation of fees for each gateway or each product
  • Change the automatically calculated fee on the order page
  • Option to manually add a fee to an order, after the user completes the checkout
  • Option to manually add a fee to orders you create on the admin page

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Version: 3.2.5 Original Zip File

Published: July 9, 2020

Last Update: September 9, 2022