SupportCandy Email Piping

Version: 3.0.7 ~ Updated On: November 24, 2022

Email Piping adds the ability to import emails directly to your ticket system so that clients can create tickets just by sending emails to your support or reply to tickets by replying to email notifications without the need to log in to your site.

Ex. Your customer-created ticket on your website. You replied to the ticket and a notification will be sent to the customer's email address. Ideally, customers should come to your website and then reply to the ticket, but this rarely happens. Instead, he replies directly to email notifications and you simply can not control your customers. This way, you have to keep checking your inbox and the chances to miss the communication are high. Email Piping add-on covers you here, it imports all your inbox emails in desired tickets.

If an email is not meant to reply existing ticket, it creates a new ticket. This way you can simply ask your customers to send an email to your specified email address (e.g. [email protected]) which then will get converted to a ticket on your website.

There are two Email Piping Methods available:

  1. IMAP
  2. Gmail

SupportCandy – Email Piping

Version: 3.0.7 Original Zip File

Published: February 14, 2020

Last Update: November 24, 2022