PixelYourSite WooCommerce Cost of Goods ~ 10.11

September 28, 2022

Product Overview


Add the cost of your products, calculate profit for each order, and use profit as your Facebook conversion value.

  • It's easy to add or import the product cost
  • Profit is calculated for new and old orders
  • Use the PROFIT as Facebook Pixel events value
  • Track both the TOTAL and PROFIT for your Facebook Ads

Adding the Cost of Goods (COG) is easy

  • Add COG manually
    You can manually add the COG to any product, create category rules, or a global rule.
  • Export/Import CSV
    You can export a CSV with all your products, add the cost, and import it back.
  • Use WooCommerce import
    You can add the COG using WooCommerce default import plugin.
    You can import the COG with WP ALL IMPORT WooCommerce extension.


Version: 10.11 Original Zip File

Published: April 12, 2021

Last Update: September 28, 2022