Ninja Forms Capsule CRM

Version: 3.4.4 - Original

Updated: March 8, 2023

Size: 81.02K

Ninja Forms

The Ninja Forms Capsule CRM plugin acts as a powerful conduit, transforming your WordPress site into a hub of customer relationship management. Integrating your website forms with Capsule CRM enables real-time, efficient tracking and handling of customer data and interactions. Whenever a visitor fills out a form on your site, be it a contact form, feedback survey, or newsletter signup, the plugin instantly captures this data and feeds it into your Capsule CRM system. This integration streamlines the lead capture process and enhances customer engagement by providing detailed insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Customisable data mapping allows you to tailor exactly what information is transferred, ensuring your CRM system is populated with relevant and valuable data. With this plugin, businesses can expect a significant boost in customer relationship management efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.