MonsterInsights EU Compliance Addon ~ 2.2.4

September 21, 2022

Product Overview


EU Privacy Compliance for WordPress

European data laws like the Cookie law and GDPR can make it difficult to understand how to make your site in compliance, particularly when it comes to analytics. So we created a simple addon that automatically takes care of the vast majority of the configuration changes required to save you valuable time and integrated with 2 of the more popular cookie consent plugins for WordPress, in a way that requires no confusing settings and is no difficulty to implement code changes.

Enable Once, Then Rest Easy
The MonsterInsights EU Compliance addon assists your website’s Google Analytics configuration to be compliant with privacy regulations, automatically, with no coding needed.

Works With The Best Cookie Consent Plugins
The MonsterInsights EU Compliance addon automatically works with top cookie plugins including Cookiebot, Cookie Notice, Compliant, and cookies so that you can customize your user experience and data collection policies.

Standard Consent Supported
In addition to working with cookie notice plugins, the MonsterInsights EU Compliance addon also integrates directly with the standard Google Analytics consent system and Chrome extension.


Version: 2.2.4 Original Zip File

Published: August 29, 2021

Last Update: September 21, 2022