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WP Media Folder + Addons 5.1.4 + 3.4.1

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WordPress Media Library & Folders Made Easy

Upload single or multiple files directly into the folder you want, create folders, sub-folder instantly. Select files, drag’n drop and classify your media in folders with a cover or coloured images. Stop wasting time searching for your images, never upload the same image!

Get the original and market leader plugin of media enhancement for WordPress.

Product Details

Last updated: June 1, 2020
Version: 5.1.4 + 3.4.1

The idea behind GPLDownloads is to help website owners or small developers who have enough knowledge and experience of WordPress that they do not need technical support that developers provide or who are running low on budget & need to buy the plugins for their own and clients projects.

This is the same plugin or theme as distributed by the developer, the developer link is provided above.