Media Cleaner Pro ~ 6.4.5

September 11, 2022

Product Overview


Important Note: If required, use any random key/email to activate.

Media Cleaner detects unused or useless files in your WordPress. It cleans your Media Library and your Filesystem. To achieve this, it analyzes your WordPress install in order to find out which files are actually in use. It is the only tool that is able to perform all those tasks and we are working hard to keep it always up to date.

Plugins & Page Builders Support
Just to clarify, the fact the Pro Version supports more plugins and page builders doesn’t mean that it will detect more files; on the contrary: it will return fewer false-positive results (= better accuracy). With the Free Version, you will have to be more careful; the Pro Version is more accurate, but you will still have to be careful. If there are false-positive results within the Pro Version, contact us and we will handle your use cases as well.

Media Library Scan / Filesystem Scan
There is no scan better than the others, they just achieve a different type of scan and provide different results. To actually clean your WordPress at 100%, you need to execute both. Depending on the state of your WordPress and how you actually use it, you might only need one or the other.

Media Cleaner Pro

Version: 6.4.5 Activated license

Published: September 16, 2019

Last Update: September 11, 2022