LoginPress Pro ~ 2.5.2

September 8, 2022

Product Overview


LoginPress Pro is a premium plugin which works if you have installed the Free version already. So, first, install the Free version and then install the Pro package. LoginPress Pro version extends the Premium functionality to the Core Free version of LoginPress.

LoginPress comes with a full set of design tools that easily lets you customize every detail of your WordPress login page to match your branding while providing crucial login security.

  • Pre-Designed Login Templates
    With a dozen unique templates to choose from, you can start customizing your WordPress login pages right away with minimal effort – and no coding skills!
  • Customized Google Fonts
    Further, showcase your brand’s personality on your login pages with 700+ beautiful Google fonts that match any style.
  • Your Logo on WordPress Login Screens
    Replace the standard WordPress logo on the login page with your personalized logo to ensure brand identity, a key to your business success.
  • Custom Login Backgrounds
    Customize the background of your login page with a branded image or video to get a more personalized look and further stand out from the competition.


Version: 2.5.2 Activated license

Published: January 17, 2021

Last Update: September 8, 2022