Live Ajax Site Search – Sumo Search WP Plugin 1.2

Live Ajax Site Search

Live Ajax Site Search – Sumo Search WP Plugin features

  • Full screen search overlay
  • Live ajax search results as you type
  • Caches your search results using transients
  • Settings are in the Customizer for live previewing
  • Uses the new History API, so that when you hit on the back button, your previous search results will be displayed for a seamless searching experience
  • Integrates into your site by:
    • Placing a search button in all your pages, and/or
    • Show Sumo Search by typing anywhere, and/or
    • Intercepting inputs from existing search fields
  • Displays your title, post type, excerpt and featured images. You can opt to turn any of these off/on
  • Customizable fonts, colors and design
    • Choose from 600+ Google Fonts or use your theme’s fonts
    • 5 Search & 5 close icons to choose from
    • Color pickers with transparency pickers
    • Results box paddings, border-radius, background colors, etc
    • Pick whether to show your featured images, post titles, post types and post excerpts
  • Choose from a variety of search and close icons
  • Responsive
  • Integrates well with Relevanssi


Version:1.2 -

Download Size: 0.00P

Updated:September 7, 2019