LearnPress Assignment Add-on ~ 4.0.4

September 3, 2022

Product Overview


Assignment Add-on for LearnPress is a great way to assign tasks, and essays for your students so they can do them at home and submit them. Instructors can check students’ work after that and grade the assignment.

What is Assignments Add-on for LearnPress WordPress LMS?

  • Based on the increasing demand for Assignments and letting instructors grade the assignment, we have released the Assignment add-on for LearnPress LMS.
  • With the Assignment add-on, your course will be more flexible so that the instructors can create homework, and essay tasks and set up a deadline for the student to submit their work. After that, the instructor can check the student’s work and grade their performance. There will be email notifications to the students when their assignments have been graded.
  • Using Assignment, you will have another way of grading and won’t be too much dependent on Quizzes. You can let students and instructors communicate and discuss and generate better outcomes.

Learn Press

Version: 4.0.4 Original Zip File

Published: June 9, 2020

Last Update: September 3, 2022