JetThemeCore For Elementor ~ 2.0.7

September 1, 2022

Product Overview


Build & Manage Website Structure Through Informative Dashboard

Create any website from ready-made pages. Add the pre-made content blocks right to the page’s canvas in the layouts and styles you want. Create footers and headers using the clear and simple front-end interface. Or use the premade headers and footers.

Build Templates with a Pure WordPress Block Editor
Create templates, using Gutenberg as the only basis, or choose Elementor, if you prefer it more.
JetThemeCore works smoothly with both block editor and visual builder.

  • Show template on the whole site
    Display a template on the entire website. For instance, output one header template on all web papes.
  • Vary templates on single pages
    Create single page templates, display headers & footers on the available singles, or define target locations where to output them.
  • Set custom templates for archive pages
    Choose the Archive as a target location to output the templates on the required archive page.

JetThemeCore For Elementor

Version: 2.0.7 Original Zip File

Published: February 18, 2020

Last Update: September 1, 2022