GenerateBlocks Pro ~ 1.4.0 + 1.6.0

October 5, 2022

Product Overview


Build better WordPress sites.

GenerateBlocks is a small collection of lightweight WordPress blocks that can accomplish nearly anything.

Add incredible versatility to your editor without bloating it with tons of one-dimensional blocks. With GenerateBlocks, you can learn a handful of blocks deeply and use them to build anything.

Unlock more possibilities with GenerateBlocks Pro without sacrificing usability or performance. With Next Level Control you can take GenerateBlocks to the next level with GenerateBlocks Pro. More options, more convenience, same lightweight approach.

Built to outperform the competition.
From the same development house as GeneratePress, you know the code of this plugin is secure, stable, and super lightweight.

Endlessly Flexible

With these four blocks, you can build almost any layout, style any content, and produce any design.

generateblocks pro

Version: 1.4.0 + 1.6.0 Activated license

Published: May 7, 2021

Last Update: October 5, 2022