Formidable forms for AMP 1.0.9

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Formidable Forms is one of the most popular plugins (By Strategy11) for adding Contact Forms, Surveys & Quiz Forms and much more. This AMP compatibility addon adds the Support in AMP with just one click! This will work with the form builder and all kinds of fields with proper form validation.

This addon automatically renders the forms when added using Form Shortcodes/Pre-Built forms provided by the Formidable Forms Plugin for the websites in the AMP without any hassle. It makes all your contact forms appear and work normally in the AMP version.

  1. Automatically generates Forms in AMP
    People can see the same form’s content of the non-amp version in the AMP as well.
  2. Integration with Existing Setup
    It will recognize your existing Forms setup and makes them AMP Compatible with proper validation.
  3. Plug & Play
    There are no clunky options to play with. Once you activate our extension, it will automatically add the AMP compatibility.
  4. Dedicated AMP Support Team
    We have a team dedicated to helping you with your questions on AMP. We will provide good technical support for this product.
  5. Continuous Development and Updates
    We will be working hard to continuously develop this extension and release updates constantly so that your plugins can continue to work flawlessly on accelerated mobile pages.
  6. Fully Responsive
    We have made it in a way that it will look good on desktop as well as display well on mobile.


Version:1.0.9 - Original Zip File

Download Size: 38.51K

Updated:September 3, 2022