Download Monitor: Ninja Forms Lock 4.0.0

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The Ninja Forms extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to fill in a Ninja Forms form before they gain access to a download.

Easily attach forms to downloads

Simply open the downloads you would like to be locked with a Ninja Forms form and select a form. Downloads with a form attached will only be accessible after the form is successfully completed.

No shortcode hassle

The Ninja Forms extension adds an easy to use shortcode that will display the form wherever you want. The shortcode only generates the form, giving you the absolute freedom to build your own awesome download pages.

Overview & Export

All entered data is stored to your Ninja Forms form like with your other forms. Entries are easily exportable to a CSV file.

Product Details

Version: 4.0.0
License: GPLv2 or greater
Some downloads require unzipping first!

The idea behind GPLDownloads is to help website owners or small developers who have enough knowledge and experience of WordPress that they do not need technical support that developers provide or who are running low on budget & need to buy the plugins for their own and clients projects.

This plugin or theme is licensed under the GPL License. We distribute this plugin under the same license but for free (according to the guidelines and rights given by GPL License).