Buy Again for WooCommerce ~ 3.1

August 15, 2022

Product Overview


Buy Again for WooCommerce allows your customers to quickly re-purchase the products they’ve bought from your shop in the past. Your customers can quickly purchase the products which they had purchased earlier on your site. Products purchased by customers are listed in a separate table in the section Buy Again on the My Account page.

Why use Buy Again for WooCommerce?

In the native WooCommerce workflow, a customer who wants to re-purchase the products which they’ve bought earlier from your shop has a few options:

  • Search their past orders to identify the product
  • Search your shop page for the product.
  • Use the “Order Again” button.

The issue in using the existing options is that they are not very convenient. Also, the “Order-Again” button only allows the user to re-purchase the entire order, not individual products.

Buy Again for WooCommerce offers 2 convenient ways for the customer to re-purchase,

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Published: January 12, 2021

Last Update: August 15, 2022