Amelia – Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

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Amelia is a next-generation Appointment Booking WordPress plugin built with the newest technology by an award-winning team.

For all our users wondering about the high price, and for all users with expiring support: please reach out to us so we could provide you with detailed answers and information, and suggest currently available solutions and special offers.

Amelia is your automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can make appointments even while you sleep.

It is a comprehensive booking software, supporting:

Where can I see the feature list?

Feature list can be found here. It’s not 100% complete, but covers all major features. Detailed documentation, tutorials, demos can be found on the plugin’s website. A demo (fake Gym website) can be found here. A back-end “sandbox” demo is coming in a few days.

Will Amelia be a match for my business?

Amelia is perfect for any business that relies on scheduling and booking appointments in advance. Between others:

  • Spa salons.
  • Beauty and hairdresser salons.
  • Private photographers and wedding photographers.
  • Private tour guides.
  • Private clinics, dentists, other healthcare companies.
  • Law and business consultants.
  • Personal life and business coaches.
  • Tourism industry.
  • Repair and service centers.
  • Private psychologists.
  • Cosmetologists.
  • Internet Cafes.
  • And many others…

Is it complicated to set up and use?

Not at all! Installing and configuring are trivial. Each backend page includes tooltips and has a link to related documentation pages in the bottom part.

We tried to make the documentation as detailed as possible to make your onboarding experience smooth – see for yourself!

Search-like booking interface

As proved by many major booking websites, it’s very convenient for users to pick an appropriate slot by entering one or more search criteria in a filter interface – if we take a hairdresser salon as an example, one may choose a date and a particular hairdresser and browse through available time slots. Amelia provides a shortcode which allows displaying the search interface in 2 clicks:

This is the EXACT same product as distributed by the developer unless otherwise stated as
Pre-Activated (which is carried out by the site admin for your convenience).
If you want the un-touched version contact us. Please note that we do NOT provide licence keys/codes with your purchase. 95% of products work fine without one.

Lastest Changelog for Version: 2.0

A major 2.0 update with a new highly requested Event Calendar module, and multiple other improvements:
Feature: Event Calendar and Event booking! Now you can use Amelia to create events, one-time, or recurring; single- and multi-day, and allow your customers book free spots and pay online.
Feature: Added Gutenberg block – the plugin is now Gutenberg-optimized so that you could add the booking section to your Gutenberg-generated pages.
BugFix: Fixed issue with showing Dashboard and Employees pages in Internet Explorer!
BugFix: Fixed issue with Follow up notifications.
BugFix: Fixed issue with Minimum time required before canceling option and cancelation of the appointment.
BugFix: Fixed issue with Babel-polyfill on the front-end.
BugFix: Fixed issue between Use service duration for booking a time slot and Default Time slot step for today’s appointments.
Feature: Dutch and French translations added.
Small bug fixes and stability improvements.

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