Admin Columns Pro The Events Calendar Addon ~ 1.7.1

September 27, 2022

Product Overview


Add columns to your Event, Organizer and Venue overview pages

Events Calendar Integration for Admin Columns
The Events Calendar integration for Admin Columns helps you manage your events data from the event, organizer and venue overview screens. Quickly show a filtered overview of events for a specific organizer or venue. Get more information and statistics about your organizers and venues.

Custom Event, Organizer and Venue Columns
Admin Columns help you find events by allowing you to filter on specific event information. Need to find all events for a specific organizer or a specific venue? Just want to see all upcoming events in the list? This integration allows you to add a column for almost every event field.

Quickly Edit your Events
Our inline edit feature lets you edit your event data directly from the event overview screen. So no need to spend your valuable time waiting to go to the edit pages, make your changes and go back to the overview pages. Just create a column for your event field, make it editable, and you’re good to go.

Smart Filtering finds your content
We know how it goes: the more content you add, the harder it gets to find what you are looking for. Filtering helps you to narrow down the search results, showing only what you need to see. An indispensable feature if you want to find and filter your content efficiently.

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Version: 1.7.1 Original Zip File

Published: March 31, 2020

Last Update: September 27, 2022